hi. i'm working on a new look.

here's what else i've been doing lately.

  • Buyer's Best Friend

    I was BBF's Lead Designer for eight-ish months. In that time I made some massive improvements to the site’s CSS, implemented a few features using Python & Django, designed a custom MailChimp template, and branded two retail locations.

  • Dignos Application Monitoring

    I designed preliminary UI mock-ups in Illustrator, and later in HTML, CSS, and JS for Dignos, an cloud-based application performance management service.
    On top of the look and feel of the service, I also designed the logo.

  • Coursetab

    Coursetab was a project put together by a group of alumni from my Alma Mater, James Madison University, to tackle the poor state of online course management. I was brought onto the team as the Chief Design Officer and put together the UI, Icon Set, and Identity.

  • JMU

    The Big Event is an annual 1,000 student day of service I co-founded and designed the identity for during my time at James Madison University. A couple years later, the Alumni Association adopted a slightly modified version of my logo design.

  • Clear On Calories

    If you've bought a soda in the last couple years, you've probably seen this one. I helped design the 'Clear On Calories' tablet on nearly every soft drink sold in the US. Not the sexiest piece, but it's got reach.